CONCLUDED – Walt Gable: Seneca Falls CIVIL WAR Industrial Connections

Friday, May 20

“Seneca Falls Civil War Industrial Connection”

Continuing the Seneca Museum and the Women’s National Historical Park 2016 Partnership our next program is being presented in the Guntzel Theatre in the Visitor Center of Women’s Rights National Historical Park

It is commonly said that it was the industrial prowess of the North that enabled the Union to win out over the Confederacy in a prolonged Civil War. Clearly, the Civil War was a financial windfall to many industries in Seneca Falls and all of Seneca County

Mr Walt Gable

 Seneca County Historian Walter Gable will relate how industries in Seneca Falls secured contracts to supply the Union forces with their war needs. The various pump-making plants were providing many of the pumps and other iron products needed in the war efforts. The knitting mills were working at peak capacity. Area farmers reaped huge profits from their expanded production of wheat and other food grains. Flour mills expanded their production capacity to keep up with the sharply increasing demand for bread products.

This program provides insight into what was happening here in Seneca Falls and Seneca County while many of its men were off fighting the war.


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