‘I Know New York’ Board Game

An exciting NEW board game arrives at the Museum.

It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s I KNOW NEW YORK! State.
There is something for everyone.
If you’re a “Know it all” (and who isn’t), we have a category for you!
Timid?…go for the multiple choice questions.
Competitive?… be a “Raider”.

It’s the only board game in town. Using logic and strategy thinking players are rewarded with markers by correctly answering questions from the game cards, which are presented in multiple-choice format. As players progress through the game board and cross different topics, they find themselves journeying through he rich and diverse history of New York State.
Be the first to collect all needed category markers and win! img-new-york-board11-price-sm29.95 Game features include:

  • Unique game playing features help avoid game “show stoppers.”
  • Players are not required to answer all categories to win.
  • Game board design encourages players to strategize next moves.
  • Chip Raid space lets players steal others category chips.
  • Covers the entire EMPIRE state.