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Surprise – Surprise


  What a wonderful Surprise.

On a recent visit to the museum, Seneca Museum members James and Denise Brakefield, noticed the rather barren flower barrel out front. Denise and James, keen gardeners themselves, were out shopping later and the urge to remedy the situation got the better of Denise. She purchased a range of beautiful flowers and donated them to the museum.
Not only did Denise and James donate the flowers but she also planted them all for us.
As you can see the entrance is now awash with color and beautiful flowers.

Thank you so much for your support and care.

Dr Robert Spiegelman – The Wild Wild East

Friday June 26 – 7:00pm


 (SPEAKER) – The Wild, Wild East: New York’s Drama of Westward Expansion: New York’s early frontier is America’s true “Wild West.” Civilization means Westward Expansion, but two “obstacles” block the way: Indians and Nature. Combining dramatic images and fresh research, Spiegelman details this forgotten New York, where settler dreams encounter native lifeways. We explore a “magical crossroads” where immigrants change into nomad farmers, neighbors into rivals, colonists into fighters, soldiers into settlers, land speculators into “second creators,” Indian Country into military tracts named for Roman conquerors, and untamed forests into real estate grids. We revisit Syracuse and Buffalo’s emergence from the ashes of attempted Indian removal and controversial land treaties that have shaped today’s Empire State. Then grasp Manhattan’s rise to prominence via the Erie Canal, which in turn, inflames a religious upheaval across Central New York that America calls “The Burnt Over District.” We end with an appreciation of how – against all odds – indigenous New Yorkers retain a toehold in their deforested ancestral homelands.

NYS Humanities