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Front of It's A Wonderful Life Coin

It’s A Wonderful Life Coins

The Seneca Museum unveiled a new gift shop item just in time for the It’s a Wonderful Life weekend. The new item is a collectible coin; a beautiful polished brass commemorative token which features George and Mary Bailey on one side and Bailey’s Bridge on the other. The coin was designed as a collaborative effort between Linda Solan, Chris Podzuweit and Sherry Laney.

Front of It's A Wonderful Life Coin

Front of It’s A Wonderful Life Coin

Back of It's A Wonderful Life Coin

Back of It’s A Wonderful Life Coin

Coin or Ornament (has a hole for hanging)


Linda-Russell     Good Old Colony Days

Friday JUNE 20th – 7:00pm

Music played a major role in the lives of 18th century Americans. It served as communication in both military and civilian life: Broadsides were “singing newspapers” – topical songs about the latest shipwreck, political ideas and battles won, while in battle, the fife and drum were essential in relaying commands. Music was a companion to labor: Women sang ballads as they worked a spinning wheel or dipped candles. Men hoisted sails to the rhythm of sea chanteys. Hymns were a spiritual comfort and dance tunes enlivened community celebrations. Babies drifted off to sleep with the crooning of lullabies and taverns rang with all manner of men belting out drinking songs.
This program explores the many ways music was part of life in the Colonial and Revolutionary War era. Linda Russell brings our Early American past to life accompanied by the hammered and mountain dulcimers, guitar and pennywhistle.

Visit Linda’s website

NYS Humanities

Patricia Howland White – The HOWLAND FAMILY : COMPLETED

Howland Stone Store Museum 2014 Calendar Cover    Howland-Museum

Friday MAY 23rd – 7:00pm

President  of the Howland Stone Store museum, Patricia Howland White, will present  the Howland family story. How they were prominent in important reform movements throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century, particularly in the abolition of slavery, education and woman’s suffrage. From the beginning Slocum Howland was a devoted Quaker, wool buyer, entrepreneur, anti-slavery advocate, local banker, prohibitionist and local leader to his daughter Miss Emily, who was avidly involved in women’s rights, temperance, education, abolition and political equality clubs. Along with postersthat display a visual history that helped propel cause of women’s rights to victory and the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Visit the Howland Stone Store Museum website

Dr. Milton C. Sernett – COMPLETED

Dr. Milton C. Sernett      Book by Dr. Milton C. Sernett
COMPLETED: An Illustrated Journey Along the Underground Railroad
Friday APRIL 18 – 7:00pm

New York State, and especially upstate’s old “burned-over” district, was fertile soil for the flowering of abolitionism. This illustrated talk places the story of the Underground Railroad in the context of the religious and reform movements of the pre-Civil War period, including endeavors such as the temperance crusade and the women’s rights campaign. Frederick Douglass, Gerrit Smith, Harriet Tubman, Beriah Green and many others come to center stage, as do important events such as the “Jerry Rescue” in Syracuse in 1851. Audiences are encouraged to share their local stories of “Freedom’s Trail.”

NYS Humanities



Friday March 21st – 7:00pm

John and Joe Dady are The Dady Brothers, and as audiences know, the name is synonymous with fine musical talent and fun! They are a Rochester based folk duo and their shows consist of Celtic and folk-roots music.  This versatile duo plays a variety of intrusments the fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, uilleann pipes and even penny whistle, to name just a few, while performing a wide range of music styles including Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Irish. Tonights performance will highlight the songs that were sung by the Irish immigrants who were instrumental in the building of the Erie Canal and the Irish heritage.  The Dady Brothers play with an endless supply of energy. Come to the Seneca Museum and enjoy an evening of Irish music and Celebrat St. Patty’s Day with the Dady Brothers.

Visit the Dady Bros website

The Seneca Museum is supported in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program, the Finger Lakes Community Arts Grants which is administered locally by the Auburn Public Theater.

auburn public theatre
auburn public theatre

Seneca Museum’s 2013 Bedford Falls Gingerbread House Contest

Ginger Bread ButtonHouses will be on display at the Seneca Museum for voting from Friday Dec 13th through Sunday Dec 15th.

Winners chosen by People’s Choice and announced Monday December 16th. Gingerbread House Recipes and Plans

Houses will be displayed during “It’s A Wonderful Life” Weekend, Beginning Dec. 13th.

 2013 Gingerbread_House_Recipe_and_Plans

 If you have any questions please call Seneca Falls Visitor Center, Seneca Museum 315.568.1510.