Patricia Howland White – The HOWLAND FAMILY : COMPLETED

Howland Stone Store Museum 2014 Calendar Cover    Howland-Museum

Friday MAY 23rd – 7:00pm

President  of the Howland Stone Store museum, Patricia Howland White, will present  the Howland family story. How they were prominent in important reform movements throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century, particularly in the abolition of slavery, education and woman’s suffrage. From the beginning Slocum Howland was a devoted Quaker, wool buyer, entrepreneur, anti-slavery advocate, local banker, prohibitionist and local leader to his daughter Miss Emily, who was avidly involved in women’s rights, temperance, education, abolition and political equality clubs. Along with postersthat display a visual history that helped propel cause of women’s rights to victory and the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

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