I Have A Poem In My Pocket

Poem in My Pocket students Peyton Wasney delivers his poem while Emma Lynn Smith awaits her turn.

2014 ‘I Have a Poem in My Pocket’ 

April was National Poetry month and as a way to promote poetry in young children, the Seneca Falls Library continued its program called ‘I Have a Poem in My Pocket’.  Each child in 2nd & 3rd grade received a short poem, which they practice at school and at home from April 1st -21st.  

During the last week in April (23rd – 30th), children will carried their poem in their pocket and are visited participating local businesses during regular hours.  Students would say, “I have a poem in my pocket.” and then read their poem to the staff. 
In return, they were rewarded with a small reward for their participation and hard work. 

The poems were spoken with such pride by the children, from soldier like precision to full Broadway theatrics. It was wonderful to see and hear. Most children started a little shyly but always finished with such gusto. Some had learnt their poems so well they could recite it in full from memory. Poem in my Pocket student Carley Luffman delivers her poem

The Museum welcomes activities such as this and always keen to be a part of such a wonderful program.