2014 Spring Camporee

2014 Spring Camporee Badge

Boy Scouts Spring Camporee in Seneca Falls 

On April 26th, the Seneca Museum of Waterways & Industry was visited by over one hundred and twenty boy scouts from the  Seneca Waterways Council Mohawk District 2014 Spring Camporee hosted by BSA Troup 88 of Seneca Falls, during their Spring Camporee event.Boy Scouts from the 2014 Spring Camporee huddle around the window display of the museum attempting to complete the "What is it" quiz

Numerous regional troops were represented by their respective scouts and den leaders, many of whom engaged in a contest imbedded in one of our new window exhibits entitled “Made in the U. S. A.-Made in Seneca Falls”. This “What Is This?” contest requires the participant to get a worksheet on which a description of each item is listed and they have to match the item number with its description. Many young scouts aced the test and received a Goulds Pumps poster; those not making the grade did receive a consolation prize. 2014 Spring Camporee scouts trying the "What is it" Quiz - the expressions on the boys says it all.

After touring the Seneca Museum the scouts moved on to other museum’s and attractions making their way back to the Elks Club where they all camped overnight.  Boy Scout Leaders enjoying the museum during the 2014 Spring Camporee